Born in 1979 in Moscow

2004: Graduated from Moscow State Social University, now Russian State Social University

1999-2004: Held managerial positions in the IT and communications sector, including at IBC Group where he headed the internet solutions division’s business development department and also worked as Director for Business Development.

2004: Advisor to the Minister and Director of the Department of State Programmes, Infrastructure Development and Use of Constrained Resources at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Russian Federation.

2008: Assistant to the Head of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation. Oversaw the organisation of the work of the Russian Presidential Council for Information Society Development.

February 2009: Listed among the top 100 members of the Management Personnel Pool under the Russian President’s Patronage.

2012: Advisor to the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

2014: Minister of Public Administration, Information Technology and Communications of the Moscow Region. 

2016: Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region.

September 2018: Vice President for Digital Platforms at Rostelecom. 

February 2019: Combined this position with that of RT Labs Director General.

21 January 2020: Appointed Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation by Presidential Executive Order.