Born 18 October 1978 in Tyumen. 

1995–2003: Graduated from Tyumen State University with a degree in Law. PhD in Law.   

2003–2012: Held several posts at Tyumen State University (department head, Deputy Director of the Institute of State and Law, Deputy President for Continuing Education, Director of the Institute of Law, Economics and Administration). 

2012–2020: President of Tyumen State University.  

2006–2013: Voting member of the Tyumen Regional Election Commission. 

2009–2011: Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Council of Young Academics and Professionals.  

2013–2016: Member of the Tyumen City Duma; Chairman of the Standing Committee on Urban Development and Land Regulation of the Tyumen City Duma. 

2016–2020: Member of the Tyumen Regional Duma; Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy of the Tyumen Regional Duma. 

2015–2020: Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Council of University Presidents. 

21 January 2020: Appointed Minister of Science and Higher Education by Presidential Executive Order.