Tatyana Golikova

Tatyana Golikova

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Took office in: 18.05.2018

Born on 9 February 1966, in Mytishchi, Moscow Region.

Education: University degree.

1987: graduated from Mosco’s Plekhanov Institute of Economics, with a degree in Labour Economics.

Academic degree: PhD in Economics.

1987-1990: junior researcher at the State Labour Committee’s Labour Research Institute, Wages Department.

1990-1992: economist, 1st category, and leading economist at the Finance Ministry’s State Budget Division, General Department.

1992-1995: leading economist, chief economist, Head of the Budget Policy and Analysis Section of the Finance Ministry’s Budget Department.

1995-1996: Deputy Head of the Budget Department, Head of the General Department of the Finance Ministry’s Consolidated Budget Division.

1996-1998: Deputy Head of the Finance Ministry’s Budget Department.

April 1998-August 1998: Head of the Finance Ministry’s Budget Department, member of the Finance Ministry’s board.

August 1998-June 1999: Head of the Finance Ministry’s Budget Policy Department, member of the Finance Ministry's board.

June 1999-June 2002: Deputy Finance Minister.

August 2002-April 2004: First Deputy Finance Minister.

April 2004-September 2007: Deputy Finance Minister.

September 2007-May 2012: Healthcare and Social Development Minister.

May 2012-September 2013: Aide to the President of the Russian Federation in charge of Abkhazia’s and South Ossetia’s social and economic development.

September 2013-May 2018: Chairperson of the Accounts Chamber.

18 May 2018: Appointed Deputy Prime Minister in charge of social policy.

21 January 2020: Reappointed Deputy Prime Minister.

14 May 2024: Reappointed Deputy Prime Minister.