The Ministry of Economic Development (Minekonomrazvitiya) is a federal executive body responsible for drafting and implementing government policy and legal regulation in the field of socioeconomic analysis and forecasting, development of business, including small and medium-sized business, protection of the rights of legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs when undergoing state control (supervision) and municipal control, licensing, accreditation of certification agencies and test laboratories (centres) responsible for compliance certification with the exception of compliance certification for defence products (work, services) supplied under state defence orders; products (work, services) used for the protection of information considered to be a state secret or any other information considered restricted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation; products (work, services) information about which is considered to be a state secret; products (work, services) and facilities with special requirements that are concerned with nuclear and radiation security in the use of nuclear energy, accreditation of citizens and organisations recruited by state control (supervision) agencies for control actions, experts and expert organisations recruited by federal agencies under the executive branch for the exercise of certain powers, safety of production processes, self-regulation of professional and entrepreneurial activities, support for socially oriented non-profit organisations, foreign economic activities (excluding foreign trade), property relations, insolvency (bankruptcy) and financial rehabilitation, valuation activities, land relations (excluding agricultural land, as well as the rezoning of land registered as water resources and land in restricted areas, notably conservation areas, and under restricted facilities), state cadastre of real estate, state cadastral registration and related activities, state cadastral valuation, state monitoring of land (excluding agricultural land), state registration of ownership rights to real estate, geodesy and cartography, creation and further development of the spatial data infrastructure of the Russian Federation, investment activity and state investments, development of interstate and targeted federal programmes (long-term targeted programmes), departmental targeted programmes, development and implementation of socioeconomic development programmes of the Russian Federation, creation and operation of social economic zones in the Russian Federation, management of state material reserves, placement of orders for goods, work and services for state and municipal purposes. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is an authorised federal agency under the executive branch charged with regulating valuation activities.