Nikolai Shulginov

Nikolai Shulginov

Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

Took office in: 10.11.2020

Ministry of Energy

Born on 18 May 1951 in Sablinskoye, Aleksandrovsky District, Stavropol Territory.

1973: Graduated from Sergo Ordzhonikidze Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises and Cities.

2007: Graduated from North Caucasus State Technical University with a PhD in Technology.

October 1975-December 1976: Engineer at the Pyatigorsk branch of the Selenergoproekt All-Union State Design and Survey and Research Institute, Pyatigorsk.

December 1976-July 1998: Held a number of posts from engineer to head of the Central Dispatch Service at Stavropolenergo, a subsidiary of RAO UES of Russia, Pyatigorsk.

July 1998-September 2002: Deputy Director, then Director of the territorial calculation and contract centre for the federal (all-Russian) wholesale electric power (capacity) market at Unified Dispatch Administration for the North Caucasus, a branch of RAO UES of Russia, Pyatigorsk.

July 2002-September 2015: Director for Technical Audit at SO UES (former SO-CDU UES); in March 2004, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board; in February 2009, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Moscow.

September 2015-2020: Chairman of the Management Board and General Director of RusHydro, Moscow.

10 November 2020: Appointed Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.